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Champion Electric, LLC

Terms of Service

Champion Electric, LLC, hereby referred to as “the company,” provides electrical contracting services to retail and commercial customers, hereby referred to as “the customer(s)” on their home or building, hereby referred to as “the property.” These terms of service are set out to establish a working contract between the two parties during their association. The association between the two parties begins when the customer makes initial contact. The association will end after all final payments have been received, and upon the expiration of The Company’s provided warranty.


By agreeing to these terms, whether implied, in writing, or through any company application, you agree to any and all terms and provisions herein.


The Company reserves the right to make changes to these terms. It is the customer's responsibility to read and understand the underlying terms and conditions. Additionally, it is the customer's responsibility to stay up to date with any changes to this agreement, as the company will not notify the customer if changes are made.



Champion Electric, LLC provides on-site consultations to its customers. Consultations included, but are not limited to; estimates, services calls, emergency services, and one on one consultations. Customers are subject to applicable fees and taxes when receiving these services.



The Company provides estimates to customers by request. These estimates are scheduled in advance and involve the collection of personal information of the customer, their credit card information, and information regarding their property in order to satisfy the requirements of the company. The company reserves the right to use all gathered information about the customer to make an informed and educated estimate for the customer. Estimates are provided in the form of a bid proposal sheet. For these estimates customers may be subject to an estimate deposit, plus applicable taxes, refundable upon acceptance of the bid proposal. Champion Electric may choose to waive this deposit under special circumstances.


Service Calls

During a consultation, if a staff member of The Company makes any physical effort to solve any electrical issue by request of the customer, it will be considered ‘work performed.’ ‘Work performed’ includes, but is not limited to, replacing electrical devices and fixtures, tampering with existing circuitry, resolving electrical issues, and restoring power. Work performed by a member of The Company staff during a scheduled consultation is considered a service call. Service calls are subject to a flat fee, plus applicable tax, plus associated material costs. Service call fees cover the customer for up to 2 hours of labor for the purpose of diagnosing and fixing an electrical issue. The customer acknowledges that they are not entitled to 2 hours of labor if the technician solves the issue, or determines that it is no longer productive to continue working on the issue during the scheduled appointment. If the issue is not solved within 2 hours, and the customer requests for the technician to continue their diagnosis, repair, or any other labor, the customer agrees to pay The Company for the additional time and other associated costs incurred. The customer understands that it is their responsibility to request information about The Company's hourly rates and other related costs. If the technician determines the electrical issue cannot be solved during the appointment, the customer acknowledges that The Company may provide a bid proposal with a separate price to resolve the issue. Furthermore the customer recognizes that payment of the service call fee does not guarantee resolution of the underlying electrical issue. The customer also acknowledges that The Company shall not be held liable for, and does not warrant, any existing electrical, or accidental damage resulting from existing conditions on site during service calls.


Payments and Finance Charges

The customer agrees to adhere to The Company’s process and policies for collecting payment for goods and services. It is the customers sole responsibility to pay The Company in coherence with specified due dates using acceptable payment options designated by The Company. The customer acknowledges that there is no exemption of The Company’s payment policies unless agreed upon between the two parties in writing.


Due Dates

Payment for estimates and service calls are due on receipt.

Payment for work agreed upon through the bid proposals are subject to net 30-day terms.


Payment Options

The Company accepts cash, credit and debit cards, checks and money orders. Payment attempts made in the form anything other than the options described shall be rejected by the company.


Finance Charges

A 2.5% finance charge will be applied on invoices 30 days after delivery and will be compounded at 2.5% per month (30% APR) until paid in full.


The Company reserves the right to charge the following fees

Late Cancellation Fee

The Company requires that cancellations for appointments must be scheduled 24 hours or more in advance. If the customer cancels within the 24 hour window. The Company reserves the right to charge a $100 fee. If The Company chooses to charge this fee, the customer agrees to pay this fee upon receipt.

Inconvenience Fee

The Company requires that customers have their property ready for inspection and work to be performed. If the property has any present impediments in locations that The Company requires access to during the appointment, and it causes a delay to the estimator or technician's schedule, the company reserves the right to charge a $100 fee. If The Company chooses to charge this fee, the customer agrees to pay this fee upon receipt.


Required Forms and Information

The Company will provide forms to the customer, and recover information about the customer for the use of the company in order to furnish goods and services. The customer agrees to provide all required information, and complete all necessary forms in a timely manner. The customer acknowledges that The Company reserves the right to delay in lieu of missing information and forms. Furthermore, The Company shall not be held liable for damages incurred due to lack of coordination and cooperation of the customer to provide any and all necessary information and forms to The Company.


Credit Card Information

The Company reserves the right to collect and store customer financial information including but not limited to, debit card, credit card, and bank account information as a means of collateral for provided services. The company will not charge the customer’s credit card unless services have been [CB2] performed, or have been scheduled to be performed for the customer by The Company. The customer agrees to providing this information upon request in order to schedule and otherwise receive services from the company.


Customer Information Forms

The Company requires knowing the customer’s full name, home address, address of the property, email address and phone number. Customer’s must provide this information before scheduling appointments with The Company.


Bid Proposal Sheet

Upon completion of estimate consultations, The Company will provide a bid proposal sheet which describes inclusions, exclusions, price, and work to be performed. The customer must sign and return this form to the company to schedule the underlying work. By signing this form, the customer explicitly agrees to all details of this form, and to paying the provided price to have the work completed.

Additionally, agreeing to the terms of service herein, the customer agrees to the terms of any and all bid proposals presented by the company. If the customer will not comply with any of the underlying terms, they must submit cancellation of their appointment in writing 24 hours prior to the start of any work requested. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment may be subject to our cancellation fees. For more detail, please see our fees section. 

Implied Approval

The customer agrees and understands that receiving a bid proposal from the company, scheduling, and allowing agents of the company onto their property to perform the work described, that they are hereby agreeing to any and all terms and provisions presented by the company, and will be held liable for all applicable charges.


Job Summary

The Company technician will fill out a job summary at the end of every work session on the property. This summary must be reviewed by the customer and signed for by customer before the work day completes.


Lien Documents

The Company has lawful right to lien customer property to satisfy debts incurred from the labor and services performed for the customer by The Company.

Washington State requires that contractors provide lien disclosure forms and a notice of lien form to the customer upon request by the customer.

The customer agrees to sign a lien disclosure form when contracting work with the company over $1000. The Company shall not perform work if the customer refuses to sign the lien disclosure.

Photographs and Video

The Company may take pictures and videos before, during and after performing work on the customers property. The customer agrees to The Company’s use of these pictures for advertisement, promotion, documentation, and training purposes. The customer will not hold The Company liable for damages generated from any information, or image and likeness of any individual captured within these photos and videos.


The Company reserves the right to use the image and likeness of the customer and their property for advertising and promotional purposes. The company may use these images and video for advertisement campaigns on a multitude of platforms such as, but not limited to, Facebook (and Instagram) ads, Google Ads, Yelp, Television, Radio, and Magazine Ads.


Yard Signs

The Company reserves the right to place yard signs on customer property for a period of 7 days. These signs may display The Company logo, contact information, website information, and other promotional content.



The Company reserves the right to place stickers on customer property that may display The Company logo, contact information, website information, and other promotional content.


Social Media Platforms

The company may utilize captured footage and pictures on, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


Customer Request

If the customer does not want their image or likeness displayed to the public, they must make a request in writing stating so, directly to The Company prior to any working agreements established between the two parties.


Customer Expectations

The Company has requirements of each customer that must be followed for The Company to perform work unimpeded. If the customer does not follow the following guidelines and causes impediments that prevent The Company from performing work as schedule, The Company reserves the right to charge the customer a $250 show up fee plus applicable taxes for each occurrence.


Property Access

During scheduled appointments, the customer agrees to have all necessary locations of their property accessible, safe and clean, free of hazards and clutter.


Power Panel

There must always be access to power panels during consultations, inspections and for scheduled work. There should be no boxes in front of or below the panel. There should be adequate room for The Company technician to work on and around the panel.


Attic and Crawlspace Access

At times the technician may have to go into a crawlspace or attic in order to diagnose or otherwise gather accurate information for an estimate. The customer agrees to have these areas clear enough to stand up an 6-10 ft ladder underneath attic accesses. The customer also agrees to have any clothes, boxes, or any other impediment removed from blocking access to the crawlspace.


Problem Area

Any device or appliance with electrical issues should have adequate access. If there are impediments from accessing a specific problem area, the technician may not be able to gather enough information or perform certain types of work.


Homeowner Absence

The customer agrees to be present during any and all appointments with The Company. If there is a change of plans, the customer agrees to notify The Company immediately if a third party will be representing them in their place.


Sanitary Work Area

The customer agrees to keep a sanitary condition of their property for The Company technicians to perform work, conduct inspections and estimates.

Unsanitary conditions include:

  • Excess mildew and mold

  • Presence of Urine or Feces

  • Presence of Drug Paraphernalia

If the home is deemed too unsanitary to work in, The Company reserves the right to leave the property and charge a minimum show up fee.


Bugs and Rodent Infestations

Infestation of living organisms such as cockroaches, poisonous spiders, and rodents present an unfit work environment for technicians to work in. If the home is deemed to have an infestation, The Company reserves the right to charge the minimum show up fee, and will require the homeowner to hire an exterminator and provide proof the infestation has been adequately addressed in order to reschedule and continue work.



The customer must keep all pets on a leash, in a kennel, or secluded in a room that technicians will not need access to. The customer agrees to not hold The Company liable for lost or injured pets.


Additional Parties

The customer agrees to inform The Company of any and all parties present on site during consultations, inspections and all projects performed by The Company. The Company shall not be held liable for any injury sustained to parties that have not made their presence known or been made known by others.


Other Trades

The customer agrees to coordinate work between multiple contractors in a reasonable and responsible way. If the customer schedules multiple contractors to work on the same day, they agree to make The Company aware of site conditions. If other contractors impede The Company from performing agreed upon work, The Company reserves the right to charge a minimum show up fee and reschedule the appointment for a later date. The Company shall not be held liable for any cost incurred due to improper coordination.



The Company provides a limited warranty on all manufactured goods and company services provided to the customer for a period of 12 months after the date of completion of work. Any tampering, editing, or otherwise changing of any product before, during, or after completion of work by The Company voids all warranty.

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